Harp: A Fantasy Adventure Book [K] Aduccini 1993

Harp is a young fairy of the Butterfly tribe. One day she and her friends meet an old man from another tribe, and Harp draws the ire of the villagers for helping him. Eventually the authorities decide to expel her. Shortly thereafter Harp finds out that the Hornet tribe attacked her home village and captured its inhabitants. In spite of their unfair behavior towards her, the kind fairy embarks on a journey to rescue her tribesmen. Harp is a Korean-made isometric monochrome adventure game with fairly simple gameplay mechanics. The playing area is confined to a small screen that looks like an illustration in a book; the rest of the "page" is occupied by text and small portraits or scenes depicting the events of the game. The player moves Harp through the game world and advances the plot by visiting different locations and talking to people. There is no inventory, puzzles, or any other kind of challenge in the game. In 1995, Harp Vol. I was remade with VGA graphics as opposed to the monochrome Hercules-only mode of the earlier release. The perspective is top-down rather than isometric, with a visual resemblance to Ultima VII. The story-book visual arrangement is gone as well, the playing area occupying the entire screen. Conversations with important characters are now displayed as large portraits superimposed on the screen. Major locations roughly correspond to that of the original game, to accommodate story progression; however, the actual layout is completely different. For example, the initial area has a sea shore and mountains, but no field paths as in the first version. Some scenes and conversations have been modified or enhanced. Gameplay-wise, the only notable change is the addition of random turn-based combat. Battle system is very simple and involves pressing a few keys to have Harp cast magic spells on the enemy. There are no experience points, money, equipment, or any other RPG elements in the game.
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Korean Full Demos 279kb / 6.62MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)
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