Mr. Desmond's Monster Hunt Cheeky Monkey, KLA Visual Productions, Future Endeavors / Hoffmann + associates 2000

Desmond is happy to welcome you to his humble abode. Come shiver by creating thousands of monsters. Thanks to Mr. Desmond's strange machine, you can even give them life. But beware. Once alive, a monster is fast as lightning and can escape into the city. And it's panic at the manor. Go chase the monster before it terrorizes the inhabitants. To catch it, enter all the houses where 7 fun activities are waiting for you. The monster can hide everywhere. Thousands of monsters to create. Choose their appearance from dozens of misshapen heads, hooked noses, globular eyes and toothless mouths. 7 activities to capture the monster and 10 levels of game. Come quickly - have fun with shooting games, logic and speed.
Panique au manoir - French ISO Demo 139MB (uploaded by

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