Sexy Fighter [Tw] Master Designer Software, Sculptured Software / Cinemaware 1993

High school students release the devil who then controls the whole school by accident. The protagonist Meiya was going to defeat the queen of Hades to save the school. There are battles and upgrades in this game similar to role-playing games. The battle system uses a way of playing cards to attack and defend. You will step by step move around floors and rooms, find and use various objects, as well as talk with characters who are still in this suspicious school. In the name of the game there is a hint of a fighting component, and this is not a mistake. Fighting is here in a step-by-step implementation and in a very special version. It is well known that sorting out relationships between teenage girls can take much tougher and more uncompromising forms than fights in boys. The developers decided that in such battles, elements of a neat school uniform should be irreversibly and powerfully damaged. In short, with each missed shot, participants in such a hard sparring will gradually undress. The player who has reached the desired condition, namely, to a state of complete “nude”, is losing. Such an appearance means defeat in the fighting game, and a fiasco for the player himself also means an early end to the passage - Game Over. Therefore, there should be no mistakes in battle. You will fight with hostile schoolgirls, whose consciousness has already been enslaved by dark forces. But the “strawberry” is waiting for you not only in fighting games. She will sometimes delight the player in the gameplay. For example, our main character, going into the school shower room, will always be happy to wash, and this process is shown in detail by moving the camera from top to bottom. In addition to fighting games, you must necessarily communicate with the characters encountered. They will be schoolgirls, teachers, a half-dead zombie guard, a cook, a nun, and even a local exhibitionist, who must have "started up" in the vicinity of the school with a similar bias. On the way to your investigation, you will meet another good fairy. The right action, conversation or winning the match will open you a new branch of the passage. In the end, you will have to find the basement and there fight with the Queen of Dark Forces - the vampire Min Hou (冥 后), stripping her naked. This is the ultimate goal of the game - the only way you free the school from evil. With each match won, your RPG parameters will gradually increase. There are four of these parameters in the game: 命 - health, 恥 - bashfulness, 經 - experience or, in other words, experience (short for Chinese words от), 錢 - money. Of course, after winning a hand-to-hand fight, your heroine, according to the popularly recognized right of the winner, will be relatively honest in assigning banknotes of defeated schoolgirls to herself. Of particular note is fighting games. Here, for each move, the participants discard one of the five cards in their hands. Depending on the combination of suit and merit, the attack will be effective or not. Instead of a discarded card, a new one is issued again each time. The values ​​of the fighting cards in the game are as follows: 回 - missed turn , 攻 - attack , 防 - defense, 脫 - to tear off clothes (this is the most powerful card, you need to protect it). Four colors: yellow, red, green and blue. Their seniority can be established empirically. The game menu contains the following elements: 調查 - investigate, 交談 - talk, 攻擊 - accept the battle, 使用 - use the item, предмет - move, 系統 - system settings. Some of the indicated items, when pressed, will offer sub-items on the same buttons. These will be new or old premises, where you need to go, or the choice of an item (for the "Apply" item). There are various objects: a Coca-Cola jar, a computer magazine, garlic, a cross, panties, dynamite, runes, a frog, a flashlight, a talking Kiki plush kitten (奇奇) and others. There is a slight drawback - the subject can be used for other purposes, and it disappears. Where to get it again is not clear.
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