Tajemnicza Wyspa [PL] Calaris Studios / Play Publishing 2004

Mystery Island is the debut title of the Polish development studio Calaris, which includes people to whom we owe the creation of, among others, the famous Mortyr. The game presents the adventures of five friends whose ship crashes on the shores of a mysterious island. The player takes on one of the selected characters. His task is to find friends scattered around the island, organize a team, and then build a raft together that will help them return home. However, this task turns out to be a bit more complex than it seems. It is necessary to solve many secrets that the island hides. While acquiring materials and tools needed to create a raft, the player will experience many adventures, meet friends and the mysterious world of the game. The culmination of adventures is to free the natives from the curse of the evil witch wielding the island and return home safely. The design is an easily digestible mix of RPG and RTS games with a clearly emphasized thread of life simulation, a pleasant graphic design and convenient control. In the game, we manage a team of characters who can develop skills in a number of different fields. At the same time, skirmishes with encountered opponents are presented in the same way as in RTS games. Thanks to the extensive Artificial Intelligence system, life simulation is extremely convincing and meaningful. Algorithms describing the behavior of the characters are much more subtle and more complex than it is in other modern computer games, which makes the game extraordinary and the gameplay extremely passionate.
Polish ISO Demo 324MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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