Wild Thornberrys Movie, The Human Soft Inc. / THQ Inc. 2002

This video game loosely follows the storyline of the 2002 movie of the same name. Eliza and her family travel Africa doing nature photography and videos and protecting animals from poachers. The game has three types of games: Story mode, mini-games, and multiplayer games. The primary story mode games interleave with the plot of the movie and must be played in order. First, Eliza must rescue cheetah cubs from poachers. Then, Eliza accidentally gets captured by the poacher's helicopter and must be rescued. Then, Darwin the monkey has to protect leopard cubs from poachers by beating them away with pineapples. Then, Eliza is whisked away to a British private school and Darwin stows away. She must rescue Darwin from captivity in a horse stable and escape from the school. The adventures continue after that. The game also contains 7 mini-games that players can choose at any time: Donnie Helps Out - Donnie has to guide an elephant through a maze; Jigsaw Puzzle - sort out a jigsaw puzzle; Rock Painting - a painting activity; Swimming With The Dolphins - compete against dolphins to dodge sharks and collect starfish; Sliding Tiles - a classic sliding tile puzzle to recover a picture; Feed The Animals - a strategy card game, competing against a poacher to feed the animals; Car Race - race 500 miles against the poachers in another card game. Further, the game has three 2-player multiplayer games: Zebra Race - an all-out zebra-back race through a canyon; Labyrinth - compete to escape a labyrinth; Crab Racing - Guide crabs to the finish line by setting a series of arrows on the course.
ISO Demo 315MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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