Disney's Cinderella's Dollhouse My Virtual Model Inc. / Disney Interactive Inc. 2001

In this cartoon-style simulation game based on the Disney Cinderella movie and characters, the player can decorate and remodel six locations in Cinderella's castle and her stepmother's chateau: Kitchen, Mouse House, Parlor, Ballroom, Cinderella's Bedroom, Garden. Decorating items are dragged from a scrollable banner at the bottom of the screen to place in a room, including furniture, incidentals such as potted plants and wall hangings, food and cookware, etc. Walls, fireplaces and draperies can be changed to suit the player by clicking on them. From a window on the bottom right, the player can choose the character icon, enabling him to select from various Cinderella characters to place in a room. Clicking on the characters once they have been placed triggers an animation that differs according to the location and other characters and objects placed nearby. Players can "sweep" the page clean and start over using the scrub brush icon, print a picture of a room, and access the Fairy Godmother for help from the same window. Giving this game some additional replay value is the ability to download new assets by clicking on the topiary bird from the main menu (if the internet option was installed with the game) or from a link in the included help file. There are 11 months worth of new decorations available at the Disney Interactive website, still working as of this writing.
ISO Demo 523MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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