Den Yttersta Gåtan [Sw] Paregos mediadesign / Snille publishing 1998

In this edutainment game, you are drawn into the Nordic mythology and the mythical world of the Asars to look for the meaning of life. In Asgård, the player gets to experience breathtaking adventures and try to solve problems and missions along the way. The player must constantly be alert, attentive and prepared to be put to the test. How can the user help the god Seed to get his beloved Gerd? Can they get to Oden in Valhalla? Can they stop the Fenris wolf who comes loose and wants to devour everything in his path? In addition, there is always the threat that Ragnarök is near, the downfall of the earth and the gods. But most important of all - what did Oden whisper in his dying son Balder's ear? "Find the answer and you will find the meaning of life". The graphics are 3D animated and the user moves in Asgård using QTVR technology. Also some characters were produced in 3D. Most characters, however, were illustrated in 2D, in Photoshop and animated in Premiere. The intro was filmed with real actors. Helena Karlander was AD / 2D illustrator / animator. The graphics in the game are wonderful. Sometimes you just want to slowly wander around the local Asgard and admire the sunlit meadows and shady forest thickets. For a magnificent picture meets the favorite engine of the "arthouse" developers - Macromedia Director.
Swedish 2CD ISO Demo 253+251MB (uploaded by

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