Adventures of Willy Beamish, The Dynamix / Sierra On-Line 1991

This is the last adventure game designed by Dynamix' founder Jeff Tunnell, the prolific designer of such puzzle classics as The Incredible Machine. You are precocious youngster and resident console-game addict Willy Beamish, who, in his insatiable quest to procrastinate, starts out his summer vacation on a high note with a bunch of friends, gets into bigger and bigger trouble with a bully, and eventually gets to save his hometown from malignant adults who are poisoning the town's only river. The optional puzzles and multiple puzzle solutions that made Jeff's earlier classics Heart of China and Rise of The Dragon highly replayable are sadly missing from this game, as here Willy is plunged headlong into one trouble after another without any control over his fate, and the adventure is over all too soon. Still, funny animations, clever puzzles (some involving Willy's pet frog as an inventory item), and humorous antics help elevate the game above mediocrity. The CD-Rom release added full voices to the game which the disk version lacked and has some different cutscenes.
Full Demo (@ Abandonia)
ISO Demo 100MB(uploaded by Egon68)
(7x1.2MB) Floppy Image 6MB (uploaded by Molitor)
Full Demos VGA + EGA 5.82+4.32MB (uploaded by

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