Lurk in the Dark Idea Fruition 2019

Prologue This is a story based FPS horror. The currently released free version is the first part of Episode 1: The Guilty. Play time is assumed to be about 45-60 minutes. If you clear the game, you can watch movies that leads to the second part of the episode and the main story. The sins that I committed have been eating myself. The stage is "Babels Hill Top", a town that flourished with woodworking and mining and is now famous as a tourist destination. Among them, the beautiful lake is a popular healing place for people who are tired of urban life. However, even in this seemingly peaceful tourist destination, criminal acts have never stopped. One night, a police station in this town was notified of the incident by telephone. "Everyone ... everyone is dead ... harry up!" The police who received the report organized a unit and went to the scene of the case. The destination is the main residence of the "Ruggles Family", which contributed a lot to the development of this town several centuries ago. "Marcus Brown", a member of a formed unit. In the wake of this tragedy he wanders into a nightmare. Lurk in the Dark - Dedicate everything to the fire of revenge. His name is "Jack". He is a thief who sneaks into wealthy homes and steals expensive things. That night he crept into the house he was aiming for. He did a perfect job recovering the expensive things and leaving no trace of himself. When Jack was about to leave, he found a file labeled "Babels Hill Top". Among them were documents that were deeply related to his past. For him, "Babels Hill Top" is a place to hate, but at the same time a place of few unforgettable memories. He had thought never return to this town. But he decided finish the "last job" in here. For unforgettable important memories.
Steam Free Prologue (uploaded by Steam)

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