Asgard's Wrath Sanzaru Games, Oculus Studios 2019

Battle as a mortal and rise as a god in a Norse-inspired action adventure with a heavy helping of RPG elements. It's the twilight of the gods, with Asgard’s inhabitants consumed by bickering and selfish exploits. You, Fledgling God, are birthed in an explosion of light - a clash of primordial forces of nature. Your story begins in medias res with a dramatic, action-packed encounter with Loki. He takes great interest in your potential and offers to give you with befitting a true god. Before that can happen, Loki has several requests to test your worthiness. Each revolves around a standalone scenario, or Saga, wherein you must use your powers to help preordained Heroes of the Realms fulfill their destinies. Mature Melee Mechanics on VR - the fighting mechanics anchor the title, require skill, and encourage physical movement. It’s visceral, satisfying, and just fun. This is not just another physics simulator. The melee fighting system leverages physics and is supported by game rules that demand - and reward - playing with skill. In this game, you can’t just swing wildly and be successful. That might work against some lesser enemies, but eventually you’re going to get your butt handed to you that way. It also incorporates some brutally satisfying dismemberment. Use a shield to “catch” thrown enemy weapons like daggers, yank them out, and throw them right back. Swing your weapon to knock decapitated monster heads through the air. Physics, time dilation, dismemberment, ragdoll, and a ton of tuning and polish come together to complete the core foundation of the combat. Each of the mortal heroes has their own signature gear and unique gameplay mechanics. On top of that, we also have metagame loops that augment combat, such as crafting, disposable weapons, elemental traits, and other things. Player scale is a crucial component of the game, and you can get a brief glimpse of it in the trailer above. The ability to swap between human and god modes is a clever use of the sense of scale only possible in VR. It gives you a unique way to explore the world, which contains some of the most detailed environments of any VR game so far. You’ll need to swap between the god and mortal hero forms to solve puzzles and overcome challenges to advance through the world. Players swap back and forth between God and hero plus add in quests, sidequests, and a bunch of other metagame loops in this action adventure. You’ll be incentivized to return to previously explored areas as you unlock new abilities that open up more of the world - there’s plenty of stuff to do and see each time you visit an area, both as a god and a mortal hero. But you need more than your own skills to survive. Using your god form, you’ll capture and convert certain wildlife into animal warrior companions for your mortal hero. There's also an asynchronous multiplayer feature.
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