Africa Trail MECC / Learning Company, The 1997

From the makers of Oregon Trail comes this exciting biking trek across Africa. Players learn about African history and culture as they challenge the actual 12,000 mile world-record setting bike trek. You must lead a group of four bicycle riders through the heart of Africa to Agulhas. You will choose your three fellow bikers depending on your style of travel, and buy parts for your bicycle to keep it in working order! You must also make sure to manage you money wisely to buy food and other important objects, such as visas to move between the African countries. As you travel you will learn about the geography, customs, and lifestyles in modern Africa. There are 1000s of photos and video clips from the actual bike trek. Players meet people, learn about customs and discover different geographic areas. Students have access to detailed maps and a guide book from the trek leader's journal. Players must read information it is not spoken, making this an excellent tool to strengthen reading comprehension.
Hybrid PC/MAC ISO Demo 363MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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