Arthur's Preschool Riverdeep / The Learning Company 2000

Packed with learning and fun for preschoolers. Preschool is a big step for little learners but it doesn't have to be a difficult one. Trust Arthur to lead your child through a delightful learning world where building important skills is as easy and as much fun as playing a game. From the puppet show to the sandbox and beyond. It's the perfect combination of learning fun and helpful features. This two disc set is packed with nine exciting learning activities and over 20 creativity activities. It teaches a full year's worth of Preschool skills and entertains your child with limitless fun and learning. PALS technology specially designed to create a warm individualized learning environment. Personalize the learning experience. Assess abilities. Laugh while learning. Smart Helpers are always on hand to keep you right on track. There's no limit to what kids ages 3 to 5 can learn. It has what it takes to keep hungry young minds active stimulated and eager for fresh ideas. Just look at the topics your child will explore: Letter names and sounds; Vocabulary Numbers and counting ;Matching and sorting; Simple arithmetic; Spatial relationships; Music position; Instruments, Crafts, Coloring, Shapes and Colors; Noticing differences; Recognizing emotions; Following directions. Features: Discover 2 CD-ROMs packed with 9 learning exercises; Over 20 creativity activities; Teaches a full year's worth of preschool skills; Entertains your child with limitless fun and learning; Developed for early learners; Auto-leveling Progress reports; Automatic help messages; Printable activities; Multiple skill levels; Fun Activities Included; Letter Names & Sounds; Help Baby Kate dig out the right letters; Numbers & Counting; Count how many balls Francine hits and identify the correct number; Match the puppet parts to put on a puppet show; Shapes & Colors - Select the right color and size to put shadow.
CD1 ISO Demo 520MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
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