Arthur's Thinking Games ImageBuilder Software Inc. / Creative Wonders LLC 1999

This is an educational game based on the television series and it has six different activities. Mr. Ratburn's Puzzlers has Muffy, Buster, and Francine holding up answers to a question, and you have to pick the correct one. In Where's Pal!, you have to help Buster find Pal in the Roman Stadium by using hot and cold clues. In Muffy's Mummy Maze, you have to help a mummy out of a pyramid using logic skills. In Drench the Dragon, you help D.W. throw a water balloon at a dragon by using estimation. You can also go to the Dance Theater, where you can make Arthur dance and make a backdrop for him to dance in front of. Each game has five difficulty levels which get harder as you go on.
ISO Demo 450MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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