Noddy: The Magic of Toytown Grolier Interactive Inc. / BBC Multimedia, Hachette Multimedia 1996

This is an educational game divided into five parts. The Interactive Storybook: while discovering an interactive story filled with surprises, the child will develop its reading skills; Tour Toytown in Noddy's car to collect lost items - It's all about recognition and counting skills. The movie theater - just watch two Noddy films. The games: with the first one, listen carefully to sounds then find out "Who Said That; Second game - with Bert Monkey, just match two cards; Last game in this section is a maze game - first choose a maze then, look for letters and items. In Tessie Bear's studio, children will develop their creative skills with 3 activities. With "Cartoon Collage", they will create their own cartoon story. With "Invisible Paint", a picture appears twice, but with some differences. Spot them. Last activity is the "Artbox", which is a painting activity.
ISO Demo 331MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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