Barbie Sticker Designer Mattel Media 1999

Barbie becomes mobile as you can now take her with you anyplace you can put a sticker. This design program allows you to create stickers with different backgrounds and special effects starring Barbie, her friends and even yourself. Put them on notebooks, lockers, diaries or backpacks - even paste them on cards to give your friends. Features include colorful backgrounds, fashion accessories, mix and matching, assorted fonts and hundreds of images from the World of Barbie. The program consists of three main areas: Photo Studio, Design Studio and Screen and Print Studio. The first is used for uploading images captured via a digital camera, the second allows you to rotate or resize items and the third provides the wherewithal to merge photos with existing backgrounds via the Image Editor and print them out. A special feature of the program lets you import and crop photographs to include on your stickers, making it possible for your and your friends to pose with Barbie. Create your own Barbie screensavers so she'll keep you company while doing computerized homework. Requirements include a good quality inkjet color printer and Avery brand sticker sheets (5 sheets containing a total of 70 are included with the package), a Barbie Digital Camera (sold separately) or a color scanner for photos. Adult supervision is highly recommended when printing the stickers.
ISO Demo 441MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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