Gold Express Dawn Studio 2019

Early Access Release In the future when human science and technology are in conflict with the ethics, what will happen between the machine elites with advanced AI and the transformed humans in the project “Gold Express”? All of these depend on your decision, player. Different victory goals - The Extractors need to extract Data assets and upload them to a Data Warehouse in specific locations in order to free themselves;the Watcher needs to constantly try to predict the Extractors’ actions and use special skills wisely to achieve the ultimate goal. Tactical survival gameplay - The structure and furnishing in the game map often have tactical significance, and use them appropriately can get twice the result with half the effort. Both sides can control the variable elements in the map to form parts of terrain advantages. Unique character images - Transformed humans (Extractors) are carrying extraordinary missions, their skills have their own advantages. Choose an machine elite (Watcher) that suits you, fight alongside with him in the project "Gold Express". Upgraded combat pace - The intense competition will bring you a smooth gaming experience. Now, step into the frenzied Arena and start your fateful journey.
Download: None currently available

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