Two Worlds II: Shattered Embrace Reality Pump / TopWare Interactive, Zuxxez 2019

This is available as a third DLC for the main game or as a standalone version. Picking up immediately after the events of "Call of the Tenebrae", you and your companions are stunned when the mythical, long lost Elves suddenly resurface on a remote island! But surprise quickly turns to alarm as the Elves reemergence brings a secret from the past with sinister echoes of the Tenebrae Order’s ancient evil! Now, with evil bearing down on the land and the unity of the races broken, the Shattered Embrace may spell doom for all of Antaloor. The all new HD engine upgrade features a HD GUI interface and displays the beauty of Antaloor and its people like never before. Explore stunning new locations and battle new, incredibly detailed enemies with beautiful cutting edge effects. Engine Update Features: A completely overhauled graphic experience, from top to bottom; Higher view range and more landscape details make for an amazing visual experience; Improved light & shadow system; Detailed, high resolution models and crisp textures; Beautifully rendered effects with an atmospheric weather system; Achievements included for TWII Main Game, PotFF, COT and SE; Breathtaking vistas, haunted shipwrecks and lush forests rendered in stunning HD; Never before seen areas of Antaloor teem with realistic life, both friendly and deadly; Upgraded particle and motion effects; GUI Interface in HD resolution. Hours of thrilling gameplay: Set in an-all new region of Antaloor, Shattered Embrace offers a deep campaign with a wide variety of side quests and missions to undertake. New Weapons & Armor: More than 100 new weapons await your hand, from swords and bows to staves and daggers. Choose between 15 new armor sets (over 75 pieces) to protect you from your enemies, whether you’re a wizard or a knight. Travel to New Lands - Explore Shadinar, the biggest city in Two Worlds history with four unique, expansive districts and the Elves’ never-before-seen Tropical Island and New Dimensions: For the first time ever, travel to alternate dimensions in the Two Worlds universe, including the Infernal Dimension of Hell. A Cast of Characters Like No Other: Old friends return and new allies cleave to your side as you fight against sentient machines, bloodthirsty beasts, demons from hell and renegade deities from centuries past. Brand New Guilds: Join one of the brand new guilds and prove yourself worthy. Advance through the ranks to get your hands on unique equipment and weapons. Become the Ultimate Alchemist: New alchemy ingredients allow you to create even more powerful elixirs that can enhance your abilities and fighting prowess like never before. Great Weather and Magic Effects: New special effects and new weather systems and elements await you, both on the island and beyond. Over 75 Minutes Of Brand New Music: A new soundtrack propels you along every step of your journey, from the paradise of a tropical beach to the fiery, blood red skies of the Inferno Realm.
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