Reading Mansion Great Wave Software 1998

This takes students on an exciting search through 50 three dimensional mansions, large and small. While exploring, students learn phonics, word skills, sentence mastery and following directions. It automatically adjusts problem levels according to individual student's abilities. As a student succeeds, the difficulty level increases. Plus, it's customizable, so teachers and parents can adapt the program to meet diverse learning needs and track students' success. A terrific new product to help children with improving reading skills. Covers reading plus phonics word recognition, sentence skill and following directions. It's developmentally difficult as the child progresses. There are customized features that allow the parent or teacher to adjust the program to the child's learning pace. It begins with a scavenger hunt through 15 mansions ranging in size from 10 to 40 rooms, looking for objects. There's a transparent blueprint map of the mansion to help follow the route. The child interacts with animated characters, experience other adventures and get clues from the characters. There are special items such as flashlights, cameras, ladders, and so on. There are many reading concepts within the program, a 2,000 word vocabulary building and many excellent, beneficial aspects of this program.
ISO Demo 430MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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