Barbie Fashion Show: An Eye for Style Cyber Planet Interactive / Activision 2008

With plenty of creative and customization options, the possibilities are virtually endless. From concept to catwalk, you will design the outfits and accessories for your very own fashion line. Now you can put your personal mark on the fashion world. Features: Thousands of Customizable Options - Design skirts, dresses, shoes, fabrics, and more; Choose the models, hair & accessories, music, poses, lighting, stages, and more; 10 Glamorous Fashion Shows; Including 45 unique design challenges; 10 Different Character Models - Design clothes to dress 10 different characters (5 female, 5 male) while interacting with Barbie and Teresa; Design Fashions for the Perfect Date; Create boy and girl fashions for dances, weddings, and more; Create Your Own Photo Shoot; Print and share photos with your friends.
ISO Demo 2.1GB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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