Agent XXL: das Geheimnis der Quadrate [G] Westka Kommunikation 1996

This is a game that was an advertisement game for Ritter Sport Chocolate Your name is Bunt, Gunter Bunt. And you are searching the squares of "Ritter Sport". The cartoon-like story with SVGA graphics starts in Gunter's chaotic bachelor's hangout. This cool guy in the leather jacket takes part in in a price writing for his favourite magazine - and wins! But beside the prize, also another written work with a secret mission is included in the package. This is the moment Gunter has waited for a lifetime. Finally he can imitate his idol, Agent 001. travel and romance the most beautiful women, and experience the dangerous adventures that are waiting for him in Turkey, Ivory Coast, Jamaica and all the other beautiful locations. Though the graphics of the game are not always first choice, WESTKA proves great skills in handling humor. You will laugh at the cool sayings of Bunt and his co-actors which come in digitized forms. Aside from this, the player is not bothered by advertising pop-ups - just the other way round: There is no chocolate advertising in the whole game. Just the screensaver is composed of haselnut, nougat, yoghurt and milk, which is quite bearable.
German Full Demo 162MB (uploaded by Werbespiel-Archiv)
German Full Demo 145MB (uploaded by hfric)

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