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A third-person fast-paced action game where the player will play an orc girl in a sci-fi city. It was made with Unity by students from the Nantai Science and Technology University in Taiwan. The hard-hitting style brought about by high punitiveness will force the player to understand the complete motion system of the game, making the depth of the game more prominent, and will bring more possibilities of repeated playability, and the stimulation brought by this difficulty. As a highly difficult game, we encourage players to be active in uninterrupted battles. The various elements of the game such as weapon activity and execution, counterattack, madness, etc. are all interlocking. There are no heal items in this game. The only way to heal from the previous mistakes is to stop the battle to kill the enemy and use the "execution" to kill the blood. "Execution": It is your only way to break the enemy. When the protagonist attacks the enemy, it will accumulate the enemy's "stun value". When the episode is full, it will trigger the dizzy state. At this time, the execution can make a quick and critical strike to the target; however, the enemy's "dizziness value" will decrease with time. Players are constantly retreating in battle or unable to play high-connected attacks. The previously accumulated dizziness value will fall short, and even the enemy will enter a tricky "crazy state." In the execution of the action, the player will not receive any damage, and can also restore the blood volume, which is one of the main points of the combat system in this game; if this technology is used well, it can even be used to offset the enemy attack, or in the high-speed melee. Take a breather and regroup. "Weapon Activity": Pleasing your weapons will make them even more deadly. The active class will directly reflect the player's combat performance. Maintaining the multi-variable COMBO will enhance the active class. As the class is higher, the damage and dizziness given by the weapon will increase, and even the super-high damage can occur. One hit will kill; but it should be noted that the activity will decrease with time, which means that if the player is constantly hit or throws out of the battle, the player will be in a difficult battle. "Frenzy": Any trauma will only make your enemies more bloodthirsty. Like the players, the enemies of this game are fighting with the will to die, the enemy who is hurt will not retreat, but will enter the mad state, determined to go with you; the enemy in this state will be uninterrupted. The crazy attack and the unstoppable brute force attack; if the player arbitrarily attacks, it will cause a lot of maddening enemies on the field, making the battle situation into an irreversible chaos. "Beast mode": sacrifice your own attack power in exchange for a line of life. Accumulated activity to the third stage can enter the animalization mode, the protagonist will abandon the weapon to extend the claw from the mechanical prosthetic limb, attack the enemy at high speed, and greatly increase the dizziness value and slightly restore the blood volume during the animalization, but the damage Will be reduced; in this state the main character will be hit more damage, although it is a life-saving straw in a critical moment, but it is also a double-edged sword. "Counterattack": Insight into your enemy, attack with a precise timing, and reverse the battle. Dashing is useful, but the effectiveness of counterattacks is even more deadly. In the game, players can attack almost all the enemy's attacks, so as to break the damage and cause the enemy to stun; but the timing is quite demanding, a failure will make you seriously injured, even lost a small Life. This technique requires the player to see through the enemy's attack and launch it early. Even when the most accurate timing is launched, it can even make a perfect counterattack, greatly increasing the dizziness and immediately killing the enemies in front of you. "Chain execution": The fearless knife peaks and rains, turning the battlefield into human purgatory. Entering the mad enemy will make an unstoppable brute force attack, even the ordinary counterattack can not offset all the damage, is one of the most deadly threats on the field; if the player chooses to face the enemy positively, the timing is extremely accurate After launching a perfect counterattack, it will result in a highly executed chain execution, ignoring any state of all enemies, and ending any unfortunate enemies on your field. The number of chains in the chain execution will depend on your active level. If the player is lucky enough to trigger a massacre that may even cause the battle to be emptied instantly, it is a high-risk and high-paying representative in the game. "Organizational Weapon": Smoothly transforms weapon types in two modes. The combination of traditional Japanese-style cold weapons and science fiction organs, players can smoothly switch between the two weapons. The protagonist holds a deformable jet samurai sword and a mechanical scabbard to eject the enemy's attack by speeding up the samurai knives and the mechanical scabbard of the bulletable switch section. This design is not a simple styling feature, but the use of science fiction organs to enable the protagonist to achieve the difficult and gorgeous action that ordinary cold weapons can not make, and to turn the system of switching weapons into a special attack action rather than incompatible with the combat system.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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