Feral Rites Insomniac Games 2016

This is an action adventure game with heavy focus on melee combat, which utilizes VR technology. The game is from developer known for releasing titles such as: Edge of Nowhere, Sunset Overdrive, Fuse , Resistance and Ratchet & Clank. The action is set on a mystical isle. We begin our adventure as the child of the chieftain of the greatest local tribe. Our father was murdered years ago, but we managed to avoid sharing this, quite literally, fatal destiny. We were saved by people from a remote land and we spent several following years growing up under their jurisdiction. We start the campaign as an adult adept of martial arts and we head back home to avenge our father’s death. Most of the fun revolves around exploration, doing quests and most of all combat with hordes of enemies. The skirmishes are heavily focused on hand-to-hand combat. The system responsible for the fights is extremely complex and allows for numerous special attacks, air attacks, and finishers. Our hero’s ability to shapeshift into a beast is also of key importance - it increases our combat capabilities dramatically for a limited time. Before we begin our adventure, we can choose our character’s sex, each featuring a few unique skills. The action takes place in an open world, filled with both main quests and numerous optional missions. All of the mentioned tasks are unique in their own way, the developers have made sure to limit the number of uninteresting, typically sandbox quests, e.g. gathering a few hundred items of a certain type. What is particularly intriguing is the fact that, despite using VR goggles, the production only offers the third person perspective.
Download: None currently available

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