Reader Rabbit's Ready for Letters The Learning Company 1992

This is part of the Reader Rabbit's series of educational software series. It includes 6 activities to learn and improve early language skills for kids. The Music Pond: Find the hidden animals; Isolate musical sounds; Conduct the critter concert; Sing along with the concert. Grandma's Kitchen: Explore storage places that open and close; Find ingredients for Grandma; Try to remember where you saw an ingredient; Guess which ingredients go into each treat. The Mix-and-Match Bedroom: Discover what to decorate; Change patterns; Look for themes and patterns; Mix and match patterns; Play with toys in the toy box. The ABC Bathroom: Help Reader Rabbit match ABC's to put together puzzles; Practice recognizing letters by sound and sight; Explore the bathroom for things to do. The Picture Parlor: Explore the room for things you can animate, or turn on and off; Make the photos in the album match their captions; Practice using words that tell relative positions and size. Grandpa's Workshop: Help Grandpa find what he needs to make pictures; Compare objects by shape, size, and color; Make finer and finer comparisons.
Full Demo 661kb (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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