Zero Comico [It] GMM Entertainment, Oogo Srl / Medusa Games 2001

This Italian adventure game is dedicated to the characters of Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo, with numerous references to their shows and parodies of other video games. It is distributed by Medusa Games, part of Medusa Film, distributor of the trio's films. In the game, Aldo Giovanni and Giacomo are dubbed by themselves. The game is steeped in the comedy of the trio and also some jokes already used in theatrical performances. The name "zero comedian" derives from a joke of the trio I corti by Aldo, Giovanni & Giacomo , in which the "comic zero", understood philosophically as the simplest possible comic message, is represented by Tafazzi , historical character played by Giacomo. It takes place on Earth in the third millennium. An elusive technocratic regime established by the planetary federation forces the planet's population to live inside bunker houses; the only contact with the outside world is television. Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo live in one of these bunker houses; one day they are contacted by television by an individual (who looks like Tafazzi ), who tells them that they are the people who will have to destroy Pdor, the head of the regime, and bring happiness back to the whole planet. Entering the kingdom of Pdor, he explains that they will have to cross five levels in the world of video games, at the completion of each of these levels will be given a piece of the device that will restore happiness to the whole planet, thus defeating Pdor. Each level has a title similar to something done or said by the trio: for example, level 3 is called "Ask me if I am a pirate", referring to the movie Ask me if I am happy ; level 4 is called "Tel chi l'alienum", referring to Tel chi el tel├╣n , theatrical performance of the three; level 5 is called "The Pyramid of Pdor", a clear reference to Pdor, one of the characters played by Giovanni in the previously mentioned theatrical performance. In the first level the protagonists face the games of the origins ( Pac-Man, Breakout, Scramble, Pitfall ) with the aim of repairing a spaceship to defeat the aliens (here equivalent to those of Space Invaders ). The second level is dedicated to the world of platform games like Super Mario Bros. or Rainbow Islands and it is here that Aldo Giovanni and Giacomo have to face the mostriciattoli, which will be eliminated with bombs (reference to Bomberman ) to face the boss, the Sicilian gorillone Don Kong ( Donkey Kong ), which claims to be the ruler of the whole platforming world. In the third level, inspired by the famous sagas of Monkey Island and Resident Evil , the trio will have to find the elements to compose a Voodoo doll that will stop the zombies and allow them to proceed with the challenge. In the level there is also a Japanese wrestler, with the appearance of Street Fighter and Ken the Warrior . To get the ingredients needed to create the voodoo doll, both LeChuck (a parody of the infamous LeChuck) and the Japanese wrestler (champion of the Occhiuto School) must be beaten in an insult competition. Set in a space ship, the three of them will have to help a depressed marine defeat the infamous Aglien monster, which feeds only on Martian garlic. The level is inspired by the Alien saga , while the space marine can be traced back to many videogames (first of all Doom ), and the on-board computer that goes mad refers to HAL 9000 of 2001: A space odyssey. The last level is inspired by Tomb Raider: the famous archaeologist Larabella Croff is in danger, she has indeed lost her bra due to a curse and our heroes will then have to recover it in the Egyptian pyramid in which they are imprisoned.
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