Airline 69: Return To Casablanca Interactive Strip / Redfire Software 2003

The makers of the erotic hit - "Wet - The Sexy Empire", made this explosive mix of Sim and Erotic Adventure and takes up where their 1997 classic left off. Famous German cartoonist Carsten Wieland has once again amply demonstrated his amazing talent, giving us this timeless, colorful and thumpingly erotic masterpiece - his homage to the cult films of the 40's. It's North Africa, Casablanca in 1942. Wayne Johnson, a pilot and adventurer, manages to eke out a living with his plane, taking on anything from normal freight transport to gun-running and booze smuggling. A stowaway, the secret agent ChouChou, on one of his routine flights suddenly changes his whole life. She hides herself in a crate to get on board - when she gets out she holds a pistol to Wayne's head and forces him to change course. Suddenly German Stukas appear on the horizon and start attacking the transport plane. Wayne manages to shake them off with a few hair-raising maneuvers, but his plane is badly damaged and he has to put down hard on the desert, knocking himself out in the process. When he comes to, the first thing he sees is ChouChou, who has cleaned up his wounds. Together they make their way over the burning sands to Casablanca, where ChouChou has to deliver important documents that she stole from a German courier. During their hellish desert journey, they fall in love and when they reach Casablanca, they decide to go into business together. Using a small hotel room as their HQ, they coordinate spying missions, smuggling trips and acts of sabotage, they help fugitives to escape from Casablanca - they even sabotage a secret German air base. It's on this base that Wayne finds a new plane - so he and ChouChou start taking on jobs, ultimately building up the business until it becomes a money-spinner - Airline 69, the company for special contracts. To achieve this objective, the two will go to any lengths, like taking over a brothel and arranging orgiastic sex parties at which they film the participants and later blackmail them. The game unfolds to offer the player 30 locations in comic style, more than 30 diverse characters to interact with, a multitude of cut sequences in cartoon style, countless opportunities for hair-raising action, and online help with Penthouse model SASHA.
Level Demo 59MB ( @ Worth Downloading)
ISO Demo559MB (upped by Egon68)
Italian ISO Demo 554MB (uploaded by vitali80)

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