Mr. Hopp's Playhouse Moonbit Studios 2019

Every kid has that one toy that scares them. Imagine if it came to life. You play as Ruby, a young girl who has a fear of her handmade toy called Mr. Hopp, given to her by her late grandmother. Things take a dark turn when Ruby sees that Mr. Hopp, who usually sits motionless in the corner of her room, is gone. Make your way through the house while running and hiding from Mr. Hopp to try and uncover the mystery involving her toy rabbit. Jump over the toys Ruby has left laying around, if you touch them, the sound could draw Mr. Hopp right to you. Make sure you take your time, one wrong move could be dangerous. Can you survive this dangerous game of hide-and-seek? Don't let Mr. Hopp catch you. A fun but tense 2D sidescroller with unique mechanics. So, come play, Ruby.
Free Game v0.2.0 39MB (uploaded by
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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