Pagui padendon 2019

Early Access Release “Pagui” is a term from Taiwanese folk dialect, meaning “exorcism” or “defeat the spirits”. It's based on a true story from Taiwan's history. One day, by chance, an orphan raised at a temple learned of his family background. From then, he decided to set out on a journey to uncover the secrets of his family and identity. Find yourself in 1950s Taiwan, steeped in its history and culture. Experience a fully recreated ancient Taiwanese building—the infamous haunted mansion, Minxiong Ghost House - alongside religious rituals and a tearjerking, touching true story that will leave you shocked and amazed. Brace yourself for 3D action-adventure gameplay and a horrifying atmosphere while you uncover the story. Features: 3D Action-Adventure RPG with a horror atmosphere and unforgettable plot based on true events; All Exorcism rituals practiced in PAGUI are based on authentic practices researched & confirmed by local temples and cultural experts; The Development Team used 3D technology to recreate Taiwan's most famous haunted mansion, Minxiong Ghost House, and the culture & architecture of the 50s; The OST fuses EDM, Lo-Fi, Rock, and Taiwanese folk instrumentation; 3D restores the early days of Taiwan & the strong visual aesthetics immerse the player in a ghostly realm; Supports English and Trad. Chinese.
Download: None currently available

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