Gwent: Iron Judgment CD Projekt RED 2019

This is the third add-on to the Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, a popular production set in a universe created by Andrzej Sapkowski. The expansion introduces several dozen new cards. The plot is a war between Redonia and other kingdoms. An important role is played by King Radovid V the Stern. It introduces 80 new cards. Some of them can be used by specific factions, while others are neutral - they are suitable for any army. There are also a few new and returning mechanics, such as Armour (reduces damage taken by the unit), Stunning Strike (deals more damage to enemies in armour) or Barricade (makes the unit with armour offers additional benefits - for example, a dwarf berserker at the end of a turn deals 1 damage to himself and a random opponent). Armor mechanics is complemented by the keyword "Uncovered" - the units that have them start behaving differently when they are stripped of their armor (some of them can even be destroyed). There are also units with the Defender rule that are able to defend the cards in the same row (the enemy has to target them first).
Free Game Expansion (uploaded by Official Site)

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