Thomas the Tank Engine 2 Peakstar Software / Alternative Software 1993

The second game in the series tells about the adventures of the nice locomotive and his bunch of friends. This time the producers focused on a strictly arcade aspect of the game and served to the players - races with the participation of locomotives. There are four different routes, eight locomotives and two difficulty levels to choose from. The action is observed similarly to the original, with the difference, however, that the screen is divided into two parts (in the lower part we follow the actions of the opponent's computer). The philosophy of the game has not changed, you still have to complete the route in the shortest possible time. Traditionally, some rails will be torn off, and there may be other trains on the track. An additional difficulty is the need to refill the fuel - we do this by stopping next to a specially marked pump. Despite the option to split the screen, the authors did not think of implementing multiplayer mode. The struggle with a computer opponent is not as passionate, all the more so because in the product the competing locomotives move extremely correctly and do not make glaring mistakes.
Full Demo 264kb (uploaded by
included in Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends: The Collection - Floppy Image ISO Demo 720kb (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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