Alchemia Springtail Studio / Lace Mamba Global 2009

Alchemia is an absolutely gorgeous animated point-and-click adventure where you play a little hero (the same one from previous game Haluz) after he shoots from the sky a bizarre looking creature. He sets off on an adventure to figure out what happened and to help his unfortunate new companion. Brilliant and imaginative puzzles, illustrations and music abound, and some puzzles will require lateral thinking and problem solving rather than just simply clicking in the right areas and in the correct sequence. An inventory is used for only a very few items, and you will have to drag an item from the inventory to where it belongs in the scene to progress. One cannot help but compare the work here to Samorost, with its surrealistic landscapes of photorealistic images and art as well as even some of the animations and techniques with which some of the scenes are reused. And yet even with all the similarities, there is enough here to appreciate on its own merits. An expanded version with five additional levels and nine new locations was released in retail on May, 2010.
Free Browser-Playable Flash Version ( @ Official Site)
ISO Demo (provided by Meddle & upped by Scaryfun) 56MB

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