Lasagna Boy Trashy Rascal Studios 2019

A puzzle horror game with a Gameboy aesthetic. This pits you against a monstrous feline beast, one who is more than happy to take a bite out of whatever morsel wanders too close. You’ll want to stay out of its sight, but since you live in a very, very strange house filled with columns, you have a lot of places to hide. You can’t just hide out forever, though, and will need to explore your house for tools to get rid of the mutated cat. Handy stuff is hidden in drawers and dressers throughout your home, like keys and keycards, that will let you progress through the place. Why you lock your own doors and leave the keys all over the house, I’ll never know. But I’m not super sure of why you own such a dangerous pet, either. This offers a tense game of hide-and-seek with a deeply disturbing monster cat, and all with a complex mission on how to get away from it. It’s equal parts scary and silly, making for a fun and frightening combination.
Alpha 02 Level Demo 27MB (uploaded by

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