Adventures in Fairyland Compedia Inc, Makh-Shevet / Optimum Resource 1995

This interactive storybook will keep your children amazed and entertained for hours. This is a talking book, coloring book and puzzle book rolled into one. Have your favorite fairy tales read to you or click on the mouse to color in the pictures and play with the jigsaw puzzles. And you can print any of your colorful designs to play with off screen. Hear a complete sentence read to you or click on a single word to hear it as many times as you want. Point to any object on the screen and the computer will tell you what it is. Develops critical reading skills while stimulating creative and imaginative thinking. Children will quickly learn words, phrases and complete sentences as they explore and enjoy. Click to have the sentences read back to you! Click on any object to see the word and hear its pronunciation or click any word in the sentence and hear it spoken. The movie button allows you to see many of your favorite fairytales come to life. Each screen can be turned into a puzzle with four levels of difficulty. At the touch of a button you can turn any screen into a coloring book and then print it. Features: Extensive high quality speech; Multiple levels of play; Challenging and stimulating for older children; Simple and reassuring for the younger child; Lively graphics and zany sound effects; Hours of fun; Talks without additional hardware.
ISO Demo 41.8MB (uploaded by Meddle)

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