Darkwing Duck: The Last Action Duck Hammer Created Dreams 2014

This is a fangame, based on Disney's Darkwing Duck franchise. It uses reworked graphics from old NES Capcom/Disney classics like Darkwing Duck, MegaMan, Talespin, Ducktales, Chip & Dale RescueRangers, The Little Mermaid and some others and is a pure hobby project. It is made via Game Maker and Game Maker Studio. My little brother Maxi helped me with the programming. We both wanted to learn about the basics and the amount of work of creating a videogame: the level design, simple enemy AI, sound and gameplay mechanics. Overall, I think developing (and playing) this is a great experience and also a great tribute to a franchise which should be remembered. Use WASD, E, J, K and Enter to play the game. Features: nine unique levels + tutorial level; new items and game mechanics; classic NES difficulty; tons of collectibles; fight old and new villains; controller support.
Free Game 16MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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