Alice: An Interactive Museum Toshiba-EMI Limited / Synergy Interactive Corp. 1994

How hard can it be to find a single deck of cards? Just try it. You'll begin this epic adventure in the center of a gigantic mansion, quickly moving from room to room in search of clues and information some of which is contained in the interpretation of hanging artwork. Each of the 12 rooms holds different challenges and hidden goodies, so be certain to comb each one very carefully. Finding the deck of cards will earn you a trip to the Last Room, where you'll finally discover the true mystery of your adventure. It was created by three artists: Kuniyoshi Kaneko, who works in oils, India inks, and ceramics; Kazuhiko Kato, composer and musician; and Haruhiko Shono, interactive media expert and Macromedia Director artist. The viewer falls into a three- dimensional rendering of Kaneko's room, its walls lined with his paintings, to the atmospheric ramblings of Kato's instrumental music. Just about every artwork or objet d'art does something when tickled and clicked, in the Manhole/Cosmic Osmo interactive manner. The best stuff bends reality as only the reactive computer can; as when, in one painting, two women frolic in a sitting room, upon whose wall hangs a painting of the very same scene. Click on the small rendition of the painting and it grows to fill the screen, replacing the original rendition. Of course, that little homunculus of a painting still hangs on the wall. Click on it again, and again, and again, and you're diving through the recursive rabbit hole of post-linear art.
ISO Demo (uploaded by Egon68) 183 MB
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Full Demo with DOSBox 262MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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