Ghosts 'n Demons BonusJZ 2016

This is a fan-made free unofficial remake of Makaimura for WonderSwan from 1999 and in full color as opposed to the original Japanese-only game in the Ghost 'N Goblins series. Command heroic knight on a quest to defeat the forces of evil and save kidnapped princess. Scores of evil enemies awaits you , from zombies to gargoyles , ghosts to demons on your journey to save her. Will you survive the perils that lie in haunted land of demon world? Features: challenging levels with intense battles against huge bosses; collect coins, new weapons and armour power ups; powerful new abilities against dangerous enemies (attack enemies from above and below, use them to traverse faster or play like a classic), and hidden secrets across a land filled with demons.
Free Game v1.8.0 66MB (uploaded by

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