Gwent: Merchants of Ofir CD Projekt RED 2019

This is the fourth add-on to the 2018 card game set in the popular fantasy universe created by Andrzej Sapkowski - Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. The expansion introduces several dozen new cards. Mysterious merchants come from a distant land, where caravans hide countless riches and artifacts. Everything has its price and everyone can gain something by coming to the Ofiris, but remember that the currency is not always gold. The add-on introduces 70 new cards related thematically to the title land - most often they are treasures, animals, armies or monsters from Ofir. It is worth noting that among the novelties we will find proposals for each of the factions available in the game. The expansion also introduces two unprecedented large mechanics. The first one is the combat stratagem, which increase the possibility of modifying your waist. The default stratagem is called Tactical Advantage, but players can choose from several other options, tailored to their own style of play. The second novelty is Scenarios - these are artifacts assigned to a given fraction. By playing specific cards in the right order, we create a specific story and can cause additional effects affecting the game. We receive dozens of new illustrations on cards, maintained in a similar artistic style as those from the stand and previous DLCs. Creators have added some new death animations, which are displayed in case of destruction of units. The add-on makes a lot of modifications to Gwent sound - there are completely new sounds that allow you to personalize your gameplay better. Existing accompanying effects, such as barrel opening, have also been improved. It is also worth noting the support for surround sound.
Free Game Expansion (uploaded by Official Site)

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