Parallel World: The Story of Belial [K] Seed 9, Core Technology / Kama Entertainment 2000

Relatively famous and extremely rare adventure action. The action takes place in a surreal world that has experienced a catastrophe in the past. The main character Ruine (Ruine) after a showdown with local school hooligans through a friend of Cyllin receives an audience with the local cult head Ramun, who, in turn, gives him an assignment - and Ruin agrees to fulfill it. The gameplay for the most part consists of communicating with the NPC and searching for plot triggers to move on. In some dialogs, it is possible to select an answer option, but, alas, they have no influence other than trigger. There is an inventory where all the items found are stacked, which allow you to replenish the supply of mana or health or may be required in order to get to places not previously accessible. Locations themselves, as a rule, are small, but the features of moving and scrolling the screen introduce artificial difficulties in this matter, and skipping a passage to another location is simple. The battles take place in real time, and up to four people in the party can participate in them, but the implementation is not the best - in fact, it all comes down to a mouse on the enemies, attacks are carried out almost instantly, and extremely meager animation leaves a bad impression on itself. Enemies, however, respond in the same way, so it’s better to be careful nevertheless. Magic becomes available later - with the addition of a character to the squad who can conjure not only attacking, but also protective spells. Monsters to be surrounded and are all kinds of evil like either goblins or zombies. In addition to a potentially interesting story, however, it is the surroundings and the general atmosphere with an artistic style: bizarre design and background design, stylish portraits of characters, music with alternating gloomy and symphonic compositions evoke curiosity and are remembered. Already at least for the sake of it is worth at least look at the game with at least one eye. As a result, we have before us one of the most interesting South Korean games, which, perhaps, as a matter of fact the game itself is not so good. At least it’s worth getting acquainted with this creation.
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