Dan Burry The Merging Minds / Boeder Software 1995

This is a DOS arcade action platformer game. The heroine, presented in perspective from a side view, can only jump and climb stairs, but is deprived of any opportunity to fight. Her task is to look for controllers (having the form of numbered tablet cards) and automatically select them (progress in this matter is visually displayed as eight cells are filled in the bottom of the screen). There are only two levels - the castle and military base mentioned above, and access to the second is opened only after a comprehensive study of the first. Oddly enough, there is no time limit; the protagonist has several "lives" and - formally - a small percentage of the health reserve within each of them, Opponents in the castle are represented by all kinds of animals - both flying and crawling (crabs, snakes, bats, likenesses of birds and so on), at the military base - by various types of robots. All these creatures move back and forth along predetermined (and often corresponding to the entire width of the location) paths and are usually (although not always) non-aggressive, but when they are physically exposed, they kill or, at least, if it was absolutely “light”, wound the heroine. Almost on every screen you will have to climb stairs up and down, while monitoring the movements of creatures: quite often it happens that someone literally flies near you, and crawls below, so you need to move up the stairs according to the situation, calculating the patterns in the behavior of enemies and stopping at the right moments. Water that fills the abyss designed for jumping, it is mortally dangerous, and not only it, but also its splashes - in practice, this means the need to carefully calculate the starting point before completing the jump, and unlike the vast majority of platformers here it is not at all on the edge of a hard surface. All kinds of traps also periodically occur - for example, fireballs falling from the ceiling - to overcome which, again, it is necessary to remember the intervals. The graphics will surely appeal to any fan of the good old 2D games: there is fairly clear rendering, relatively diverse, as far as the surroundings allow, background backgrounds, quite interesting monsters; in the event of the death of the heroine, the original animation is shown - it turns into a grave cross with a human face and then flies off somewhere up. I would also like to note the peppy music, perfectly suited to the action unfolding on the screen and great complementing the local atmosphere. And since the level of complexity is clearly above average, it is quite possible to recommend it to connoisseurs of “logical” platformers, and not just collectors of rarities.
Full Demo 268kb (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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