GhostBlood WRF Studios 2003

This is a role-playing game reminiscent of DOS RPGs of old from the makers of the Last Half of Darkness series. When the game starts, a figure hooded in a brown cloak tells you that the "source of darkness" must be destroyed to save the town of GhostBlood. Throughout the game this cloaked person, Mystar, is stationed at the beginning of each new area and will keep you up to date with the quest at hand. While exploring the various levels, your objective is to kill monsters which consist of skeletons, specters, ghouls, vampires and others. Your foes wander around aimlessly and do not attack unless they happen to get in your way. You must whack at them first to get their attention. That is handled by pointing at them and repeatedly clicking your mouse button. When defeated, some foes drop valuables which can be collected in inventory. Spend your coin at the store which is accessed at any time by pressing the Shift keyboard key. Click open treasure chests to find gold, equipment, reviving potions and magic scrolls. Various types of armor and weapons can be found and their stats are explained on screen. All items have varied degrees of strength or effectiveness. Monsters become more numerous as well as more powerful as you progress. There is limited inventory space and excess objects must be dropped. With each Level-Up, you are able to assign points to strength, magic, dexterity, and stamina. All information is communicated in text form without voices. There is no music but spooky sound effects give the impression of a horror theme. Sound effects include a howling wolf, creaks, rattling chains, moans, screams and so forth. The game includes an editor for creating your own levels.
Free Game 3.8MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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