Lost Reindeer, The Softprime Inc. 1994

This developer released only 4 Christmas-themed games all in 1994. One of the Santa Claus deers - the main character - got lost somewhere ten levels from the North Pole, and we have to help him get back, and for a limited amount of time. This will not be very difficult to do. The architecture of the levels is quite simple - there are platforms and fences, painted like caramel canes, and pyramids of gifts, and everything else is just background scenery. On the way the deer will meet remarkable enemies: flying seahorses, flying sharks, cats and bees. Any contact with them is fatal, but we have an endless supply of some green shells. Another thing is that a deer shoots at a height of about the middle of its growth, so, for example, you can’t kill a cat, because you can’t get into it. To pass each level, you need to not only reach the pointer with the arrow and the inscription "North Pole", but also collect all the necessary objects along the way - these are caramel canes, bells, Christmas balls and ... hives. They are attached to the lower sides of the platforms and surrounded by bees, so to take them, you must first get along the hive with a green shell. It is noteworthy that at later levels, sometimes icicles will hang menacingly over us. The graphics are magnificent. Rather, not so much the graphics as the technical component, but the artist’s work. Snow backgrounds, decorated with spruce, tin soldiers and much more - all together makes the game very cozy and atmospheric. The only thing you can complain about if you want is that the scene and, accordingly, the design of all levels are the same. The music and soundtrack is also well done.
Full Demo 220kb (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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