Paperman, The Proto1Studios 2019

More than a simple jumpscare. Psychological Terror. Will you take the risk? This is a Virtual Reality game (not compatbile with Oculus Rift) for all the horror lovers. In the game you’ll have to explore all the levels facing the challenges you encounter. Despite this is a VR game, we adapted it to PC standalone so everyone can enjoy it. However, if you are able to play it in VR, we highly recommend you to do it. This has a mixed VR movement system. You can chose to move using the teleport option, or try our new “joystick-like” free movement. The PC version is compatible with X360 Input Controllers. The kids of the neighbourhood tells a story about a man made out of paper that lives inside the forest. You believe there's any truth in these rumors? Solve the mystery. Find the truth about that “Paperman”. USA, 1978. It’s Halloween night, Sam, a 10 years old girl has to to record some things in order to finish her homework a go for candy. This could be a regular Halloween night, but it won’t be...
Free VR Version - Free Game 2GB (uploaded by
Steam PC Version - Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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