Game Over Carrara: The Series Elvis Morelli 2019

This is a 2D Horror Visual Novel/Point and Click adventure with action elements, presented in an episodic fashion similar to the modern TV Series. It's an apocalyptic story set in Italy and could look like a classic zombie story but at the end, it hides more than that. Episode 1 A dreary city in which everything fades and reborns dead. Imagine waking up and not remembering anything, rebuilding the missing pieces of your memory just like in a puzzle, surviving, who can you trust? Maybe not even yourself... Episode 2: Revelations After remembering everything we're still tied to a chair with a torturer behind our back. Now you have to answer him. What are you going to do? The second episode of the mysterious story takes place in the capital world of marble. This episode contains five chapters and it's full of secrets and secondary missions. Will you be able to find them all? Each episode shares the same background and overarching story, but they are set in different timelines, and sometimes different places. In every episode, you will play the part of a different main character, so you can live the apocalypse from another point of view. While it is possible to play episodes in a random order, we suggest you to follow the recommended order to get the best experience, at least for the first time you play the game, because we're sure you'll want to replay it. The graphic style is a mix between 3D rendered pictures and highly edited photos. We used a mix of digital techniques to create the graphics for this project because it's set in a real city, Carrara, in Tuscany, Italy. Those familiar with our beautiful hometown will notice that we remapped Carrara like Google Maps. We made every effort to be faithful to the real-world locations In Carrara as much as possible, then digitally turn them into apocalyptic scenarios. All the characters you will meet in the game are real citizens who gave us their image for this adventure. Our story has five main episodes, two of which are available for free, in addition to three extra DLC Episodes based on the main characters. You can also enjoy a demo (GOC-SAM) Christmas DLC which could be considered Episode Zero. Episode 3: Into The Dark (June/2020).
Free Episodes 1+2 + SAM Extra Episode 371MB (uploaded by Kickstarter)

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