Melbits World Melbot, Plug in Digital 2019

The cooperative puzzle-platformer game that will equally charm and challenge your friends and family. Communication and coordination are the key to success in the Melbits mission. Discover these collectable digital creatures and guide them through fiendish levels full of traps. Dodge evil viruses, gather seeds and spread the good vibes across the Internet. Features: Collaborative puzzle game suited for the family and friends of all ages; Collect and guide the Melbits through challenging levels full of traps, while dodging viruses, collecting seeds and spreading good vibes online; Cute kawaii aesthetics; 4 breeds of Melbits, 3 families per breed. 3 types of virus and 4 kinds of power-up's. 20 customization accessories included; 4 worlds, each one with 9 levels.
Download: None currently available

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