Nicolausi TOM Productions 1995

Santa Claus has lost his sled, and the notes to tell him which presents to deliver where. Now, the only way to save Christmas is to walk around town, pick up all the presents, and figure out through trial and error which house they should go to. As if that was not enough trouble, a rogue Easter Bunny is also roaming the streets, destroying the Christmas spirit by playing loud techno music from his ghetto blaster, and just waiting to run into Santa Claus and beat him up. Each stage is a maze of snowed-in paths with big presents lying around, and an equal or larger number of houses to deliver them to. The player, as Santa Claus, has to pick up and deliver each present to the correct house. However, there is no indication which house a present goes to. The only way to find out is to try and deliver a present. If it's in the right place, the present will get picked up, and the occupants will put a wreath on the door. If the address is wrong, they slam the door shut angrily, causing snow to fall from the roof, which will block the path in front of the house for a while. The player has to remember the wrong deliveries until they figure out where all the packages go, completing the level. The adversary is an Easter Bunny, who roams the streets with his ghetto blaster. Hearing the sound of his electronic music getting louder warns players that he's approaching. To their defense, some piles of snowballs are scattered around the levels. Firing a snowball at the Bunny makes him stop for a moment, and a couple more hits will get him to turn around and walk the other way. If the Easter Bunny catches Santa Claus, however, he'll beat him up and wraps him in a big Easter egg, forcing him to restart the stage. Various other pickups help Santa Claus in evading the Bunny, getting around obstacles in the level, or just add to his score.
Shareware Level Demo 366kb (uploaded by

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