Alien Terminator Flair Software / Golden Zone 1997

Take control of a Super Cyborg called Bio-Mech, Earth's secret weapon in the battle against the evil alien invasion. Adventure through many warped landscapes, from the dark forest, home of the resistance, through the sky high treetops and then onto the alien's Battle Station. Penetrate the defences and make your way through the maze-like interior, in order to destroy the station and end the alien's occupation. The Cyber Race as we know it, depends upon you! There's extensive, dangerous levels to explore, a fantastic array of deadly weaponry, including lasers and plasma boomerangs, and hundreds of different Aliens to defeat. It's the same game as Realm for the SNES, but the PC version also has CD music.
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ISO Demo 434MB (provided by hfric & uploaded by Scaryfun)

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