Cursed Soul Heiklion 2019

This is a first person horror game set in the 80’s. Discover the mysterious murder of a conventional family with your ability to travel to the spectral world. Due to your peculiarity you will be able to delve into the mysterious case and discover what the rest of the detectives can’t understand, enter and discover the mystery. Switch between worlds: Due to the gift that was granted to you at birth, you have been able to walk between the world of the living and the dead, you have been able to solve several cases, some successfully but others suffering the consequences such as the death of your beloved ones, for this reason you became a detective, to solve as many murders as possible. Atmosphere: 80's a town is being terrified by some events that nobody can understand, having the Myers house as a central point. Isolated from everything. A house where the mystery lurks in every corner of their home. Puzzle lover: Explore every corner of Myer’s house through different clues left by the mysterious murderer of the town, solve little by little the mystery to find him, but be careful, each of them will influence the investigation. Do you want to solve the mysterious case of the town and let your legacy as a detective be part of the history? Enter the Myer’s house and solve the case.
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