Auto Chess Drodo Studio, Dragonest Game 2019

This is the Most Engaging Game of 2019 - the original Auto Chess. Groundbreaking auto chess gameplay comes to PC from the developers who started it all – Drodo Studio and Dragonest. Join millions of players from around the globe to experience this new strategy game that's taking the world by storm. Strategy rules the world - Every game starts with a unique, random Hero Pull for each player. Set up special formations and adapt to the changing tides of battle to survive. Hire heroes each round and evolve them into more powerful versions to defeat your foes. Battle with players across the globe from your PC or take Auto Chess on the go with Auto Chess: Origin for iOS and Android. Your account progress stays with you wherever you go. The game features elements derived from chess, along with those from Dota 2. Sporting up to eight players, the game assigns them to eight different chessboards. Players select from a public pool of over fifty chess pieces prior to each round, which they place around the board. Each chess piece belongs to a particular race and class, with individualized abilities. Upon the initiation of every round, the opposing sides' pieces automatically battle. Some rounds feature players battling non-player "creeps", rather than one another. Players may acquire items after killing the creeps and can give these items to their chess pieces. Each item has unique effects and some can be combined to form stronger versions. Each player controls a character called a courier, which tracks the player's health, gold, and experience level. The courier's experience determines the quantity of chess pieces available on the board. After the end of each round, the courier's experience level will increase by one, until it reaches ten. Through combat, players accumulate gold, which they may use to purchase new pieces before each round, to strengthen their combinations to win. For every round lost, the courier's health decreases, with its death signifying the associated player's defeat. The game ends when one player remains. It has its own ranking system. After the end of a game, the rank of players who lose the game early will decrease, and the rank of players who lose late and the victor will increase. There are six ranks in the game, including Queen, King, Rook, Bishop, Knight and Pawn, while Queen is the highest rank and Pawn is the basic rank. There are one to nine steps in Pawn, Knight, Bishop and Rook ranks. Once players reach the highest step, their rank will increase. The King rank only has one step. When players reach the Queen rank, the global digital a number ranking is available for the top ten thousand. At the end of April 2019, the developer added a season system. After the end of a season, higher rank players achieve better rewards and the rank will reset. All players have a basic courier at the beginning. After each game, players in the top rank are awarded "candies". Each player can achieve no more than ten candies per day. Players with Custom Pass can achieve five more candies per day. Players can spend 40 candies to roll a new courier or spend hundreds of candies to add a cosmetic effect on their couriers. Couriers have different rarities. The rare couriers are usually bigger and more appealing than normal ones. Some couriers can combine to form new couriers that cannot be bought directly. Beside earning candies in game, players can pay for candies.
Free Game (uploaded by Epic Games)

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