Karar X Berarts Ltd. 2019

This is a puzzle-adventure game with a decision-based story-end. It requires you to use 4 special characters with different skills to solve the unique puzzles. You have been sent to the Karar X Institute which has been locked due to some rumors and security reasons. It is a high technology center. Your mission is to take the control of the institute and make a decision about it. You may either activate or destroy the institute. There are 4 high-tech characters of Karar X Institute: Yulaf - A cute dog; Anna - A lady with jumping skills; Kido - A mechanist with technical skills on assembling and disassembling; James - A strong man. Features: Classical first-person-perspective; Single player; Full of unique puzzles; 4-characters with different skills; Decision-based story-end; Crafting.
Download: None currently available

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