Barrabrava RAL Entertainment / PC3 Programs 1998

This rare Argentinian game is a beat 'em up with elements of a platformer and, oddly enough, puzzles (although the last named component, of course, is extremely minimized). The protagonist is an Argentine teenager Trankilino, a loyal fan of the América football team, who unexpectedly reached the finals of a club world championship, which will also be held in the boy’s hometown, so the hero decides to get to the stadium by all means. However, it turns out that it will not be so easy to do this, because the streets are filled with various hostile personalities - opposing fans, gang members, men with cell phones, etc. those who will want to stop us on our way to the "Cup Final". The game is divided into four episodes (city block; park; neighborhood of the stadium; the stands itself), each of which in turn consists of four levels. Perspective of the review - side view; the hero can jump (by pressing the "upper" cursor arrow), as well as crouch and lie down on the ground (the "lower" arrow is responsible for the first action, and for the second it is combined with the "left" or "right"). Trankilino does not know how to fight, but he is able to collect and throw four types of objects at enemies: bananas, soda cans, stones and bottles; the current amount of all these ammunition is shown at the bottom of the screen, and at the time of launch, it already has some of them. For the attack, a “space” is used, and for switching between different types of “charges” - the keys “1”, “2”, "3", "4". In the lower left corner two red scales are displayed, indicating the character’s health reserve: he will die only if both of them are reset. As you progress, you will meet a variety of bonuses: fruit baskets and all kinds of fruits are needed to increase the score; clusters of bananas, packages with soda, boxes with stones and boxes with bottles allow you to replenish the corresponding types of ammunition, and figures of smiling boys with hearts in their hands during selection restore a certain amount of vitality; note that sometimes these children are not found “free”, but in “cages”: in order to “take” such a boy, he will first need to be “released" by attacking the object surrounding him and spending some (not the smallest) amount of ammunition to destroy it . To complete the level you need to find a certain number of some specific items (the corresponding value and image are shown in the upper right corner), - in the first episode, these are some blue cards, in the second and third - bags of money, in the fourth - T-shirts of Diego Maradona - and then find the place marked with an arrow and the words "Salir" ("Exit" in Spanish), while taking nearby is an object (a certain blue entity in the first episode, an Argentine flag in the second, a ticket in the third and a soccer ball in the fourth; they will only be allowed to do this if the previous voiced condition is fulfilled). We come to each new stage in the same state in which we completed the previous one, that is, with the reserve of health and means of killing remaining at the time of its completion. Strange as it may seem, the hero has no "lives" at all - it seems that the number of "attempts" is infinite; in case of death, he is reborn at the beginning of the current level, but with full health, as well as with the "basic" (according to the "opinion" of the game) set of ammunition for this segment (the latter can be very different both for better and for worse from the one with which you reached this place " honest "). Thus, with minimal skills and due perseverance to passBarrabrava is most likely capable of anyone who is not even familiar with such games. Opponents are represented mainly by people: they are soda-drinking girls of middle school age (throwing cans), lanky young drunkards (throwing bottles), hooligans in dark glasses, armed with stones, policemen shooting bananas from pistols (!), As well as several types of fans of another the team that reached the final (upon arrival at the stadium due to the abundance of Spanish and Catalan flags there it becomes clear that it is Barcelona): thick bearded men in caps, guys with green Iroquois, bald men in t-shirts and so on - all of them fiercely flinging bottles.
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