Captain Binary Twin Bottles 2006

This is a Polish side-scrolling action game where you control the titular superhero, fighting back an alien invasion. Similarly to beat 'em up games such as Double Dragon, Captain Binary goes right all the time, and his efforts focus on shooting the oodles of aliens that appear every so often. The Captain can also jump on various buildings in the environment to dodge enemy fire or to collect weapons. Initally, Cpt. Binary is armed with just a weak pistol, but he can find more powerful weapons, such as tommy guns or lasers. Those weapons have limited ammo though. The captain can also toss grenades (once again, there's a limited number of 'em). If Binary gets shot by an alien, he dies and loses a life - and his powerful weapon, if he has one. A boss awaits at the end of each level. It was created by students of the Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology. At the very beginning of the first level, our hero is standing in front of a building which bears the same name.
Free Game 42MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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